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TiSkin Windows Style

Version: 2004

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Language: English
Score: 6 out of 10
License: Free
Date of Release: Tuesday 16th of March 2004
Operating System: WinXP

Elegant and sober visual style inspired by Mac

This visual style for Windows follows the aesthetic Mac as you can appreciate in some details of its design: an apple in the button of beginning, another one of screen, buttons at heart cleared to manage the windows and finished of effect a crystal in many of its forms.

It is a very sober style, almost we would say very serious, for those who they look for to give to his system an aspect him simple and simultaneously professional, moved away of estridencias of colors and recharged details.

In order to give the final touch him, you can use it to game with corresponding skin for Winamp, TiAmp.

Requires Style XP

  • Operating System: WinXP

    TiSkin Windows Style 2004

    Developer Website: http://tisuite.xanthic.net

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