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Version: 1.0

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Language: English
Score: 4 out of 10
License: Trial
Date of Release: Monday 21st of February 2005
Operating System: Mac OS X

Make captures and edítalas emphasizing text and adding notes

A perfect combination between a publisher of drawing and a tool to make screen captures, this is what FlySketch proposes to us. This application of drawing is in fact one simple floating window, whose level of transparency can be fit, and in that, by all means, it is possible to be drawn but also to write, to emphasize, to add forms, to align elements and to capture everything what appears in semitransparent below the floating window of FlySketch.

In fact, it is a genius since it gives much game, and has multitudes of applications like for example the one to emphasize important parts of a text, to make the screen capture and to send it by email, from FlySketch, or to directly publish it from PhotoShop since it offers AppleScript support.

In addition, in the complete version, it allows to directly drag the content of the window of FlySketch to the Desktop, a folder, a graphical publisher or a text document, of such way that we incorporate the graphs drawn to the edition document for example. It offers to support for digitizer tablets, it allows to export to pdf, png, JPEG and tiff and supports combinations of keyboard.

  • Operating System: Mac OS X
  • 10.3.7 Mac OS X or superior

    FlySketch 1.0

    Developer Website: http://www.flyingmeat.com/flysketch

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