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Version: 1.4

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Language: English
Score: 7 out of 10
License: Trial
Date of Release: Friday 20th of January 2006
Operating System: Mac OS X

Control the system and your applications with gestures of the mouse!

Some navigators Web like for example Opera or Mozilla Firefox already had introduced the notion of Mouse Gesture in our digital lives, this concept that allows to assign actions us to simple movements of the mouse. Gesture arrives, down and the page was updated or, right, left and right to close an tab, etc. Many, surely already you have proven it in navigators Web. Then, what happens if we even said you that this concept can be applied to the system completely, creating specific gestures of mouse to certain applications.

It exists and xGestures, an ingenious application is called, not by its borrowed concept but by the idea to extend it to all the system. You will be able to control OS X by using simple movements and click of mouse, to open or to close applications from the mouse, to minimize windows or to exchange between applications. In addition, if you have a mouse with additional buttons, because also you will be able to mapear those buttons to assign actions you specify more to more complex gestures.

This system is very useful and we will enjoy all, since it allows to assign general gestures of mouse, that are applied to all the applications, as well as gestures that only work for concrete applications. If a program has its own gestures of mouse, you will be able to do that xGestures does not interfere with them. It's compatible with Exposť and really, it will change our way to work. Now, you will be able to control iTunes or to write an email, and to even execute a Applescript from the mouse.

  • Operating System: Mac OS X
  • Mac OS X 10,3 or superior one

    xGestures 1.4

    Developer Website: http://stout.hampshire.edu/~bjk02/xGestures

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