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Version: 1.1

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Language: Spanish
Score: 6 out of 10
License: Free
Date of Release: Friday 21st of January 2005
Operating System: Win98/98 SE

Your own Quinielas with basic statistical help creates

Quini2004 is a simple application of help for the creation of Quinielas simple of up to sixteen bets, thought to make agile the entrance of data and to anticipate solely, way percentile, the results.

As it devises is good, but to make one quiniela is something tedious by the fact to have to introduce the parties of the day by hand. Once we have the complete day and the amount of bets will only make lack mark the general results. If in some party we want variants we will have automatically to select them by using a system percentile in which we will assign a number of probabilities to the 1, another one to the 2 and another one to the X. The rest is to print the Quiniela, that will be able to become in normal paper or paper of quiniela.

Tool of help with good presentation but something slow.

  • Operating System: Win98/98

    Quini2004 1.1

    Developer Website: http://www.iespana.es/rafaj/quini2004.htm

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