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Version: 1.2a

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Language: English
Score: 8 out of 10
License: Free
Date of Release: Thursday 01st of March 2001
Operating System: Palm OS

It controls and it studies your personal expenses

MoneyTender is an application that will qualify in your device a new application of Expenses. Its operation is very similar to the one of by defect of your system, but it incorporates interesting new features extremely.

One of its new features is the possibility of inserting your monthly pay. This way, whenever you make a cost, your balance will be updated.

Another one of the new functions, is the one to automate income or expenses trimestralemente weekly, monthly or, like any font, communitarian expenses or income of pays.

In each one of the made expenses, you will be able to specify its type of cost and to include different informative notes.

A simple way to register all your expenses

Minimum requirements:
Palm OS 2.0

  • Operating System: Palm OS

    MoneyTender 1.2a

    Developer Website: http://www.desert-penguin.com

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