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Life Balance

Version: 3.0.6

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Language: English
Score: 8 out of 10
License: Demo
Date of Release: Thursday 18th of July 2002
Operating System: Palm OS

A new way to organize your life

Life Balance is a new class of logical Software designed to improve your performance of life.

Thanks to this application you can find the balance between your labor tasks, the tasks of the home and your free time.

Life Balance is a system of tasks that combine the three indispensable sections of a person. Labor section, section home and section free time. Each one of these, has subcategories with different programmed tasks to remember and to organize all your life with different priorities.

Life Balance has a system of priorities very elaborated. These can become high priority for different reasons automatically:

- Because it is an important task of a project

- Because its presentation is imminent

- Because it is the suitable moment to make it

- Because you have forgotten previously

Others of the resaltables characteristics of this advisor, are the possibility of visualizing graphical where they mark those to you that you need to make and already made.

A system of organization by categories and with four ways of visualization will provide a total control to you to your necessities.

All an application of high level that it has like only aim, to improve the social and labor productivity of a person….it hurts that it has like only configurable language the English.

Improvements of the new version:
Improved the speed of execution of internal tools. Redesigned interface. New functions To export/To matter of the task list. New commands of duplicate.

Minimum requirements:
Palm OS 3.0

Limitations of the version:
You can use it during 30 days

  • Operating System: Palm OS

    Life Balance 3.0.6

    Developer Website: http://www.noteworthysoftware.com/composer

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