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Version: 1.0a

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Language: English
Score: 8 out of 10
License: Free
Date of Release: Monday 27th of June 2005
Operating System: Palm OS 3.5

Complete Free manager of expenses with graphs and icons to all color

One of the tasks usually assigned to the hand computers is the management of finances of personal character. By and for it HiMoney appears. A complete financial manager with the resources necessary to register and to control, of a simple way, all types of economic movements.

Making use of a similar navigator of views to the available one in the agenda by defect, from its main window you will be able to access to all its functions with total rapidity and ease. Their different windows will allow actions you like: to add to new expenses or income, to create and to configure multiple banking accounts or to visualize graphs and histograms.

In order to facilitate the entrance of new registry, it includes a virtual numeric keypad and a autocompletado system of of characters intelligent. From options you will be able to select the symbol of the currency (dollar, frees, euro or yen), to determine the first day of the week, to specify the format of the numerical amounts and to select to the colors of identification of expenses and income.

Another one of their characteristics to emphasize is the options to improve the organization of the registries. It has personalizables categories, it supports to multiple accounts and it allows to identify them by using icons.

It has two types of graphs: histogram and sectors. Both different presents filters that allow to visualize only the expenses or income in one week, in a month, between two dates or to present/display both movements of a way I synchronize.

In summary, HiMoney is one complete solution, of very easy handling, to take an exhaustive control of your personal finances.

  • Operating System: Palm OS 3.5

    HiMoney 1.0a

    Developer Website: http://www.himobiler.com

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