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Language: English
Score: 8 out of 10
License: Demo
Date of Release: Monday 27th of August 2001
Operating System: Win95/98/NT/ME/2000

It takes all the ewes that you can… but taken care of with the dog!

Looney Tunes: Sheep, Dog 'N Wolf is a game that leaves the common thing not only by the history that the objective of the game in himself develops and, but by its excellent sense of humor and its addictive playability.

In this peculiar adventure you play the role of the famous Coyote of the Warner, that that went the life trying to catch to the Correcaminos in an endless persecution.

But this time you do not go behind the Correcaminos, but that you persecute ovejitas innocents, a plate of most flavorful for coyote with permanent hunger.

To catch those ewes is the primary target of the game, but you do not believe that it is so easy: you must surpass many obstacles - rocks, precipices, platforms at different levels, etc. - and in addition to have much taken care of with Sam, the sheepdog.

That yes, accounts with certain aid: very same Pato Lucas accompanies during the game dándote to you advice and a little by direction on how obtaining your objectives, with that peculiar accent of duck that characterizes to him.

Accounts also with an ample variety of all types of objects, all of them of the popular mark ACME, that you must use of the correct way to obtain your objective.

Demo has a considerable size, but it is worth the trouble by excellent graphs and three-dimensional perspective, a great playability and a plagued history very fun of humoristic details.

  • Operating System: Win95/98/NT/ME/2000

    Looney Tunes: Sheep, Dog 'N Wolf

    Developer Website: http://www.looneytunesgames.com/vg_sdwolf.htm

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