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Version: 1.0

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Language: Spanish
Score: 6 out of 10
License: Trial
Date of Release: Friday 18th of July 2003
Operating System: Win98/ME/2000/XP

Peseta plays the duro/with no need to drink nor a drop

JPeseta will give back us youth to most tender, and even not so tender, remembering us what was that of reunirte and to play the peseta (or to the duro) while “we took” something, although that yes, the one to take something is not included in the download.

For that they do not know this social game is necessary to say to them that it is not but that simple glasses stuck one to another one and one simple currency, the rest already is only ability and holds. The objective is to make bounce the currency in the table and obtain that it falls within one of the glasses or, still better, in center of them. When you guess right you can send to that glass or, if it falls in center, all the glasses, to that we want so that drinks it.

With JPeseta it is tried to simulate that dynamics, from choosing the type of drink, combined refreshment or, to the own act to drink. One will even request weight and sort of the participants to be calculating, in the case of drinking something with alcohol, the rate of each one.

A very cheap solution and heals, does not fit doubt.

  • Operating System: Win98/ME/2000/XP
  • .NET Framework 1.0

    JPeseta 1.0

    Developer Website: http://www24.brinkster.com/dsfsoft

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