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David: El pastorcito guerrero

Version: 1.0

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David: El pastorcito guerrero screenshot, David: El pastorcito guerrero screen capture, David: El pastorcito guerrero

Language: Spanish
Score: 10 out of 10
License: Free
Date of Release: Monday 15th of October 2001
Operating System: Win95/98/NT/ME/2000

The shepherd through this game learns the history of David

David, Biblical personage known by his aim with the sling, not only defeated to Goliat, before that exists one long history that all do not know. And that is the function of this simple game, to learn a little that history by using the diversion.

David: The pastorcito soldier is game oriented to smallest so that they learn a little history, and he has himself to see thus, since as game itself remains very short.

Your objective is to avoid that the Roman shields hit David, the hero that we handled, simultaneously that you destroy them with your sling. We will have to be kind to the shields, because it has three levels of destruction to the Pong style (when giving them they become smaller but they are multiplied)

The game is made up of ten levels of progressive difficulty, getting to be complicated in both last, and whenever we surpass a level will be a Biblical passage to us on the history of David. But care, David only has fifteen lives, so if you want to know history until the end you will have moverte between the Roman shields quickly.

An original method to teach religion smallest.

  • Operating System: Win95/98/NT/ME/2000

    David: El pastorcito guerrero 1.0

    Developer Website: http://personales.com/mexico/chihuahua/divercatoli/index.htm

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