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Version: 6.2

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Language: English
Score: 6 out of 10
License: Free
Date of Release: Monday 19th of September 2005
Operating System: Mac OS X

System of very flexible notification for Mail, iTunes and iChat

Location, size, level of transparency, floating wallpaper, sound and duration of the warning are some of the adjustable parameters for this simple notifier, comfortable and Free for Mac OS X. It acts as a complement of the panel of preferences of the system, and is very easy to form.

iAlert will show a floating window with notifications, whenever you receive a new email, when change of state one of your contacts of iChat is connected or, when iTunes happens to simply play another song, when some change has been made in your favorite webpages, or after a easy and hourly totally configurable time interval or….

The notifications disappear automatically after a pre-established time but, the possibility of deactivating this option of such way that the warnings remain visible until fits we decide to close them definitively. When you receive a new email, iAlert warns and shows to Mail.app when doing click to you in the window of warning, the same with iTunes and iChat.

  • Operating System: Mac OS X
  • 10.2.7 MAC OS X or superior

    iAlert 6.2

    Developer Website: http://angeman.perso.cegetel.net/iAlert/index.php?language=fr

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