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Version: 1.03

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Language: English
Score: 9 out of 10
License: Free
Date of Release: Friday 10th of February 2006
Operating System: Palm OS 4.0

Utility to modify tags ID3 of your songs MP3

TagEditor is a tool with which you will be able to modify and to personalize tags ID3 of songs MP3 stored in your device.

The program allows to explore present cards SD, to select a certain song MP3 and to change, from a way, his tags ID3: title, artist, album, year, number of song, sort and commentaries.

Free and of very easy handling, TadEditor is the utility that you need to personalize tags ID3.

  • Operating System: Palm OS 4.0

    TagEditor 1.03

    Developer Website: http://www.reichertonline.be/palm.php

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